New Posters, new lockdown, new meeting!

It has been a while since we met last time. Over the summer there were a number of transnational networking meetings, otherwise it has become rather quiet in the network. Many of us were not active within coview, but in other areas. Fights against anti-abortion advocates and for the right to self-determination over one’s own […]

Let´s Care – next Networking talk coming up!

[deutsch unten] Hi all, the third meeting of the transnational network group will be on August 18, 7pm CEST. Everyone is invited to join and exchange about their perspectives on the current political situation as well as their activism. In the last meeting we decided to put a focus on aspects of self-care and support […]

sharing experiences / build a transnational network!

Hi all, we want to build a transnational network. At the first meeting on July 10th, many motivated people from different groups joined and are motivated to build a network that does meaningful, joyful, undogmatic, and strategic transnational political work. There are many ideas and opportunities for further projects and actions. The next meeting shall […]

form a transnational network!

During the lockdown period, Coview was a platform for many people to maintain their political activity. People from many different groups, areas (System Change, Degrowth, asylum and human rights, feminism, right to the city, rent strike, cultural work, artistic work, social work, self-help groups, …) and regions, who had not known each other before, met […]