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  • 05.05.2020 15:24Closing now – for real!
    Ticker ticker - end! The 4h Radio show from 1st of may - you can find here:
    looking forward to the next ticker!
  • 05.05.2020 13:13bonus tick 2
    #Minneapolis #MayDay Protest Supports Essential Workers:
    An autonomous demonstration on #InternationalWorkersDay broke off from a large #CancelRent caravan to show support for #EssentialWorkers.

    the post on twitter:
  • 05.05.2020 13:10bonus tick
    Feel free to click on to download the song and donate. All profits go to Wave of Hope, a group of refugees and asylum seekers at Camp Moria on Lesbos working towards addressing the basic needs of the people at the camp in times of the
    watch on youtube:
  • 03.05.2020 23:27we hoped you liked the ticker – please give us feedback
    thanks for checking out our ticker for 1st of May - we will close it for now, and use this tool for our next bigger action. we are open for feedback - please mail us: [email protected]
    stay safe - read you soon

    here is our first report from police violence on May 1st by the watchgroup:
  • 03.05.2020 23:211may speech island
    Corona is the virus. Capitalism is the disease
    Speech, 1st of May 2020 during the corona crisis, by Ole Sandberg, IWW Ísland / Heimssamband verkafólks á Íslandi
    The "Novel" Corona Virus The corona virus is no exception. The common story is that it came from bats to humans in some marketplace in Wuhan in China. In reality, that was just when it was discovered. Viruses are common in all animals and usually harmless. When humans destroy the ecosystems where the animals live - which is a process of capitalism - animals get concentrated in smaller areas where it is easier for viruses to mutate and jump between species.
    But to really get going, this evolutionary process needs perfect conditions. The virus could have come from bats that were forced into the city, but it needed industrialized farming to turn into its current deadly form. It probably jumped from bats to an animal host in one one of China's many farms where animals are cramped on very little space to feed the growing work force of Chinese capitalist industrialization.
    And not just Chinese. China is not just the production center of global capitalism, and therefore has to feed its own workers in the cities. It is also produces food for global capitalism. China is one of the biggest exporters of poultry, and global investment firms invest in Chinese industrialized farming. So yes, the virus made have come from a bat somewhere in China. But it was capitalist production that created the conditions for it to mutate and become aggressive, and it was global capitalism that that caused it to spread around the world.
    It literally flew on business class from China to America and Europe using the same transportation routes as the people who rule our lives while they go on vacations and business trips. The epicenter in Europe was a playground in the Alps for the privileged classes of contemporary European aristocracy.
    here to be read full (on fb):
  • 03.05.2020 23:14police repression against a 1st may walk in Bremgarten (ch)
    Communiqué on the events of 1 May in Bremgarten AG.
    As reported by the media (e.g. Aargauer Zeitung), May 1 was honored on a small scale in Bremgarten. This walk took place under consideration of the BAG regulation (mouth protection and two meters distance). All participants adhered to these regulations. At no time was there a health risk for all participants as well as outsiders or persons requiring special protection. ...
    Numerous people were stopped and their personal data checked. Some of them were held for hours and put on public display. In addition, there were a number of body searches. We strongly criticize this unjustifiable behavior of the police!
    Especially in times of Covid-19 it must be possible to address and criticize political contents and current events in public. Of course, special attention must be paid to hygiene measures and the protection of risk groups.
    Full report (in german) here:
  • 03.05.2020 23:10With the masses – for the masses: Revolutionary May Day in Zurich
    The police in Zurich have shown that the current crisis can be used as an excuse to restrict freedom of assembly. Although social-distancing rules were observed, the city and cantonal police tried to dissolve any political action - so it was not a matter of adhering to these rules, but of preventing political resistance.
    article here:
  • 03.05.2020 23:09Communiqué on the revolutionary 1 May in Basel
    Despite and precisely because of the Corona crisis, the revolutionary 1st May Alliance decided to mobilize on the streets on May 1st.

    Article (in german) here:
  • 03.05.2020 23:06on housing – 1st of may speech from Lüneburg (de)
    The housing project Unfug participated in the May 1 rally in Lüneburg, among other things with a speech:
    to be read here (in german)
  • 03.05.2020 23:03banner drop vienna – work is the virus
    banner drop on may 1st - work is the virus - this house is empty!

  • 03.05.2020 23:021 may action report from some anarchist – vienna
    On the occasion of the first of May, anarchists* have sent messages in the area of Ring and its surroundings. This is a call to be active beyond the first of May.

    Report in german here:
  • 03.05.2020 23:00racist attack in vienna because of kurdish music
    Turkish nationalists attacked a manifestation in Vienna where Kurdish music was played. The crowd of 30 harassers did only withdrawn when police arrived on site only to attack people leaving from the manifestation later in the site streets.
    Article in german here:
  • 03.05.2020 22:51Fighting about housing – new solidarity in cities
    we got post <3 - here read the solidarity note to us in german:

    In times of the Corona emergency it becomes visible how necessary solidarity networks in the cities are, as they are presented and documented in our book.
    We see how the restrictions do not affect all people equally. The closure of event venues, restrictions in gastronomy, art and culture and other areas of work mean that precarious, undocumented or insecure working people lose their livelihood and often do not know how to pay their rent. Even the expulsion of people from their homes is by no means suspended in a time of constant reminders to stay at home, as a forced eviction in Cologne on 7 April shows.
    We therefore welcome it when people take to the streets around 1 May and on other days, while respecting health protection for the enforcement of their rights, emancipation, transformation and the utopia of a socio-ecologically just society. We support initiatives such as the transnational platform Coview-19 ( and the Berlin Social Alliance #jetzterstrecht (, which advocate a solidary response even in times of Corona.
    We offer initiatives and neighbourhoods to support them through readings, book presentations with pictures and videos and participation in discussion events. It has long been clear that the Corona episodes will keep us busy throughout the summer. We should use the coming weeks and months to contribute, for example with open-air events suitable for Corona, to bringing the idea of the new solidarity in cities into the discussion.
    Because solidarity is more than washing hands, wearing a mask and keeping our distance.
    You can reach us at: [email protected]
    The editors of the book Umkämpftes Wohnen - Neue Solidarität in den Städten
    Matthias Coers and Peter Nowak

    To the photo: #STAY AT HOME was spread for weeks from the roof of the condominium luxury tower Living Levels in the evening and night hours. High-income owners* give behavioural recommendations to Berlin tenants* who suffer from exploitative rents, or even to homeless and homeless people. The Living Levels building has long been a real pain in the neck for Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Not only are they being fueled by housing prices, but the banks of Berlin's river were privatized and built on against the public interest, against the interests of the citizen decision by MediaSpree. At present a direct connecting building is being constructed.
  • 03.05.2020 22:45banner drop in Innsbruck at 1may demo
    Link to fb:
    1. Mai Demo 2020 mit Bannerdrop in #Innsbruck !! Wir wollen nicht zurück zur Normalität weil eure Normalität scheisse war! 1. Mai - Tag der Arbeit in Innsbruck1. Mai - Tag der Arbeit in Innsbruck #mayday #leavenoonebehind #covid19 #coronavirus #1mai #klassenkampf #coview
  • 03.05.2020 22:43Human Chain against Coal Digging forbitten on May1st – next actions to come!
    A short Video on this see in the (link to twitter) below!
    Alle Dörfer Bleiben @AlleDoerfer Unsere 😷 Menschenkette gestern wurde verboten. Also haben wir was anderes gemacht! Die nächste #AlleDörferBleiben-Menschenkette ist schon in Planung... denn wir wollen weiter #AbstandHalten zu Virus & RWE! #Grundrechte #1Mai
  • 03.05.2020 22:40Police points weapons at people at Hambacher Forst – 1may
    #Police have pointed a pistol & machine gun at #HambacherForst activists, situation "deescalated" by a person raising their arms and walking towards them to talk. Presence on #MayDay indicates rightwing sentiments by authorities and ruling #CDU #SPD #FDP parties.. #MayDay2020
  • 03.05.2020 22:35Postcars from the pandemics – from Amazon Workers
    Postcards from the Pandemic!
    Our May Day comic strip in English, Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish Find more of our demands here
  • 02.05.2020 22:28in between – Marching in Quarantine
    some more updates about actions & what did happen in various citys tomorrow on 3rd of may;
    in between some music
    MusikarbeiterInnenkapelle - "Die neuen Arbeiter von Wien" - [Marching on May 1st in Quarantine]
  • 02.05.2020 18:54Radio show from 1st of MAY – #MAYDAY transnational online
    The full 4h transnational radio show is now available online;
    hear the perspectives from Hamburg / Milano / Paris and Vienna <3 for the show to:
    FSK + Quarantimes
    Radio Virus Radio Pnode Radio Orange
  • 01.05.2020 22:00finish for today and shout out to bregenz!
    everywhere people were active today (you cann still ad content into the pad - we will do some updates during the day tomorrow)
    here a picture from the action in Bregenz / Vorarlberg
    this year #mayday shows again how important it is to act everywhere - not only trough big actions but decentral and thinking about how to reach out to people - if we want to end capitalism & patriarchy and all forms of oppression - we will need to act together - let's build up more and stronger networks write to us: [email protected]
    and read you later!
  • 01.05.2020 21:47Istanbul police repression
    #istanbul there was a small gathering of people from a progressive union to put down flowers for 32 Workers killed 43 years ago on may 1st. This gathering was heavily crushed by police and 20 people got arrested!
    DISK International @DISK_Int - You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep #MayDay from coming #Neruda @diskinsesi UNI Commerce @CommerceUni 43 years ago, 34 workers were killed in May Day protest in Istanbul. Today, a small group of @DISK_Int wanted to commemorate them with flowers. Police attacked, arrested DISK executives, and crashed the flowers. Solidarity
  • 01.05.2020 21:44Situation of Refugees in Austria (audio)
    This short audio file went missing trough technical issues. It should have been in the radio show - so now we place it here!
    listen & support!
    e-mail campaing to be found here (in german)
  • 01.05.2020 21:41end capitalism
    stament from zürich - lets fight against capitalism - please - now - alltogether!
  • 01.05.2020 21:22#mayday is also #strike day
    #mayday is also #strike day
    Workers of Amazon, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Target are striking against their conditions during the #COVID19 pandemic. 
    #waswärewenn es nicht nur faire arbeitsbedingungen gäbe für alle, sondern auch die wirtschaft anders organisiert wäre?
  • 01.05.2020 21:02Wir solidarisieren uns mit den Forderungen, ausgebeuteter, illegalisierter und marginalisierter Arbeiter:innen!
    #1Mai #mayday #solidaritätohnegrenzen Wir solidarisieren uns mit den Forderungen, ausgebeuteter, illegalisierter und marginalisierter Arbeiter:innen! We show solidarity with the demands of exploited, illegalized and marginalized workers! "Denn die Corona-Krise macht nicht nur deutlich, von wem unsere Gesellschaft am Laufen gehalten wird, sondern auch wie: Unter schlechten Arbeitsbedingungen werden Menschen dazu gezwungen, gesundheitliche Risiken auf sich zu nehmen. Ganz besonders gilt dies für undokumentiert Arbeitende, die ältere Menschen rund um die Uhr pflegen, auf Kinder aufpassen, Pakete austragen, in Restaurants putzen und abwaschen, auf Baustellen arbeiten, Büroräume reinigen oder Spargel ernten." (UNDOK, 17.4.20)
  • 01.05.2020 20:33why is police so often egor to prevent documentation of their „work“ (police violence vienna 3)
    Why do the police try so hard to prevent the documentation of their operations? Because they cover the police violence of the colleagues.
    This video is a good example: person sitting on the ground, policeman just kicks her.

    Rosa Antifa Wien @rosaantifawien
    Warum die Polizei so wehement versucht das Dokumentieren ihrer Einsätze zu verhindern? Weil die die Polizeigewalt der Kolleg_innen decken.
    Dieses Video ist ein gutes Beispiel: Person sitz am Boden Polizist verpasst ihr ansatzlos einfach einen Fußtritt. #polizeigewalt #1mai
  • 01.05.2020 20:21[was geht wo – 1]
    #Mayday #1.Mai - in vielen Städten überall haben Menschen gezeigt, dass es mit #socialdinstanicng #Covid19 nicht nur notwendig, sondern auch möglich ist, zu #demostrieren. Gesellschaftliche Missstände bleiben #stayathome oft unsichtbar. #Berlin #Hannover: #Hamm
  • 01.05.2020 20:14Leipzig – new campaign for self-organized space started! 

    1st of MAY as a starting point for a campaign to reclaim space! We wish you and all cities, places, ... many new houses and spaces that are accessible to all!

    Die Besetzungen vom #1mai waren zwar nur Scheinbesetzungen, aber der Startschuss für einen neuen Freiraumkampf in #Leipzig. Bildet Banden, besetzt die Stadt. Aus dem Krater in die Häuser! 
    Wir sind begeistert davon, wieviele Leute ihre Solidarität ausgedrückt haben & freuen uns in den nächsten Monaten auf einen entschlossenen Häuserkampf mit euch! Stay tuned!
    #1Mai bedeutet für uns, Freiheiten selbst zu erkämpfen! Solidarisch gegen Corona & solidarisch für Selbstbestimmung im Stadtteil und überall! #TrotzAlledem #Leipzig
  • 01.05.2020 19:56Berlin (de) whats up?
    In berlin it's getting dark right now - the traditional cat & mouse game in between police and demonstration participants is about to begin. We say - lets all be the cats (and live in peace with the mouses) - we don't need police in our towns to be save! Spontaneous rallies and actions are about to start in the neighborhood of Kreuzberg in Berlin, where the May Day is historically celebrated with big demonstrations. The activists are now gathering in Oranienplatz. A news ticker is maintained in the channel of the campaign "Revolutionary Mayday" in Twitter: here you can find update:
  • 01.05.2020 19:26Thanks to all the support for taking over the radio show – <3 to thessaloniki 1431AM
    Thessaloniki Social Radio 1431AM (Greece) did relay the Trans-national radio show today (97,3 FM) with solidarity.
    A big demonstration for the workers' day took place in the morning throughout the city and we covered it from our radio station. Thessaloniki is commemorating the historical uprising of the tobacco-workers of 1936, a pioneering action for the workers' movement
  • 01.05.2020 19:21<3 to to our radio crew from the ticker team - thanks for the awesome 3h show
    one thing to say - a lot of us who work in coview are precarious ourselves. we use a lot of the time we would otherwise (maybe) use for paid work for political work - as most of the jobs in creativity, culture, and arts are simply gone at the moment. there is not much or for some of us no compensation at all for this money we lose. still, our rent and our other payments continue. In this situation, we are also aware that there are others who are affected by this crisis in other ways. this is why we engage in actions like #LeaveNoOneBehind or support struggles for better working conditions in general. For us it's clear - only if we work together in a cross-sectoral way if we all support each other in this crisis and beyond - things can change. and the perspective is dark clouds. so this is why we do #mayday #transnational radio show and other things. because we all deserve a good life - let's aim for it together!
  • 01.05.2020 18:53we as workers will not die for profit
    This #InternationalWorkersDay let's make it clear that workers will not die for Wall Street profit, and will not work in unsafe conditions!
    I stand with all Amazon, Instacart, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Target and essential workers on strike for safe working conditions. #MayDay
  • 01.05.2020 18:17Police violence in vienna (2)
    Cops not only take away bicycles in the #Prater but also brutally arrest people. Cut the crap and let the people go! #mayday #Leavenoonebehind
    Cops führen im #Prater nicht nur Fahrräder ab sondern nehmen auch Menschen brutal fest. Lasst den scheiß und lasst die Leute frei! #mayday #Leavenoonebehind
    btw. something that was clearly visible today is that the police itself is not keeping distance in between themselves. They are not only risking others with that but once again show how they are willingly ready to endanger others - a critical mass demonstration with bikes is no danger to society - police hurting people is!
  • 01.05.2020 18:09police violence in vienna
    seems like the #mayday demonstration was to little action for the cops - so they somehow had the idea that its a good idea (?!?wtf) to kick people from their bike out of a driving bus?!
    #Polizeikontrolle: Im Prater wurden gerade zwei Radfahrer von der Polizei aus fahrendem Auto vom Rad getreten, weil sie am 1.Mai mit Demo Schildern friedlich die Praterhauptallee entlang gefahren sind. Polizeiaufgebot: ~70 Beamte, 25 Autos, 3 Motorräder und 1 Hubschrauber!
  • 01.05.2020 18:04Now @Radio Orange for the final hour of the radio show!
    @radio_orange online for the next hour of the program Join in #mayday before we had radio virus milano @MacaoTwit & -
    #LeaveNoOneBehind #mayday #coview #precarity #CommonsDoItBetter
  • 01.05.2020 17:08tradio transnational radio now #pnode paris now online for the next hour of the program Join in #mayday before radio virus milano @MacaoTwit was on / at 18h @radio_ORANGE
    wien <3
    #LeaveNoOneBehind #mayday #coview #precarity #CommonsDoItBetter
  • 01.05.2020 14:10#mayday #wien several hundert people take the streets in vienna - #leavenoonebehind #mayday #wien for a good life for all - against #precarity
  • 01.05.2020 13:10Info-Ticker goes out on the street
    We will be back at 16:00 CEST and keep you updated.
    JOIN IN: for the Radio show on various radio stations 16h - 19h CEST
  • 01.05.2020 13:05MAYDAY route Vienna
    Join in the protests! Here is the route:
  • 01.05.2020 12:54MAYDAY – Praterstern
    MAYDAY! Solidarity! Live from the demo in Vienna. Start at Pratersterin. Bring banner, poster, speakers!
  • 01.05.2020 12:43Kommt um 18:00 Uhr in die Oranienstraße!
    #R1MB Am 1. Mai nehmen wir uns die O-Straße. Pünktlich um 18 Uhr werden wir uns in und um diese Straße in Kreuzberg 36 versammeln. Während wir dann den Straßenzug entlang blicken, werden wir uns alle sehen: eine vierstellige Zahl von Menschen, die u.a. für die Evakuierung von Moria demonstriert. So sind wir alle trotz der Abstände doch gemeinsam auf der Oranienstraße präsent. Das wird vielleicht der großartigste Moment des Tages. Link
  • 01.05.2020 12:32Fahrraddemo zum 1. Mai
    Fahrraddemo am 1. Mai in Wien : Treffpunkt um 15 Uhr am Ring (im Abschnitt zwischen Uni und Parlament) - Masken tragen, Abstände einhalten, Musik, Plakate oder Fahnen mitnehmen
  • 01.05.2020 12:25Happy 1st of May!
    via Seawatch <3
  • 01.05.2020 12:12Der #1Mai und seine Geschichte
    via Revolutionärer 1. Mai Berlin
    Berliner Kieztalk: Der #1Mai und seine Geschichte. Dass dieser Feier- und Kampftag auch in der heutigen Zeit nicht an Aktualität verloren hat und wie wir zu Zeiten von Corona dennoch auf uns aufmerksam machen können, ist ebenfalls Thema der Folge: #R1MB
  • 01.05.2020 11:52MAYDAY Wien (at) ready to start
    see you in a few minutes at Praterstern - get ready for #MAYDAY #wien #precarity #prekär #LeaveNoOneBehind Wir sehen uns in ein paar Minuten am Praterstern - macht euch bereit für die Mayday-Demonstration
    lin to twitter: #mayday #precarity #prekär #LeaveNoOneBehind
  • 01.05.2020 11:42Burn Borders – 1. Mai
    Ob Wohnbauten, oder öffentliche Einrichtungen, jedes Jahr aufs Neue werden am 1. Mai die Nationalflaggen gehisst. Der 1. Mai als Tag der Arbeit, ist Symboltag der Linken und hat demnach keinen Platz für eine nationalistische Interpretation, weswegen Aktivist*innen in den vergangenen Nächten über ganz Wien verteilt Fahnen demontiert und fachgerecht entsorgt haben.
  • 01.05.2020 11:39Walpurgisnacht2
    Another audio feature on the militant and feminist history of Walpurgisnacht demos you can find here! (open to listening in a new tab - as ticker reload in between)
  • 01.05.2020 11:37Quarantimes X: mayday
    here is our radio show from the morning - join in later! 16h - 19h transnational decentral action day
    #LeaveNoOneBehind #mayday #coview #precarity #CommonsDoItBetter
    internationalism - now, always now, even on may 1st.
    always demand and strive towards freedom, towards less and more than there is now.
    texts from feminized writers, news and analyses from all over the world regarding emancipation and rebellion under the crown.
  • 01.05.2020 11:27One class, one struggle! Video message from workers in Baghdad #1may #solidaritybeyondborders
    "We have started and will continue our revolution for social justice and dignity and peace for everyone" Video
  • 01.05.2020 11:01Wien TV reports live from protests (left and right) in Vienna
    Facebook livestream here
  • 01.05.2020 10:55Impressive Protests in Athens organzied by PAME
    For pictures click here
  • 01.05.2020 10:40Mind your distance – especially at #mayday
    Keine Fotobeschreibung verfügbar.
  • 01.05.2020 10:28Keine Lobby für Grundrechte!
    In der Pandemie werden einige unserer Grundrechte massiv eingeschränkt. hat eine Verfassungsrechtlerin und einen Aktivisten gefragt, was das für politischen Protest bedeutet. Der 1. Mai 2020 wird kein gewöhnlicher 1. Mai werden. Wie kaum ein anderer Tag im Jahr ist der Tag der Arbeit geprägt von Demonstrationen. Politischer Protest ist in der Corona-Krise aber schwierig geworden. #MAYDAY
    Die Verordnungen zur Eindämmung des Coronavirus schränken in allen Bundesländern das Versammlungsrecht massiv ein. Allein in Berlin hat die Polizei seit Mitte März über ein Dutzend Anträge auf Ausnahmegenehmigungen abgelehnt und mehrere unangemeldete Demos aufgelöst. Eine Einschränkung der Grundrechte wie aktuell hat es in Deutschland seit Gründung der Bundesrepublik nicht gegeben. Hier weiterlesen!
  • 01.05.2020 10:22Innsbruck: Start um 11 Uhr
    Also Innsbruck will start at 11am at Landhausplatz:  
    Die gemeinsame Innsbrucker 1. Mai-Demonstration zum internationalen Feier- und Kampftag der arbeitenden und arbeitslosen Menschen findet auch 2020 statt.
    Unter den besonderen Bedingungen der gegenwärtigen Situation, aber nicht weniger solidarisch und kämpferisch: Für unsere Interessen und Rechte, für die Überwindung von Konzernmacht, Klimakrise, Aufrüstung und Kriegen, für das Ende des globalen Kapitalismus, gegen jede Art der Diskriminierung. Gegen das Abwälzen der Krisenfolgen auf die arbeitenden, arbeitslos gemachten und prekarisierten Menschen, auf Frauen und MigrantInnen. Für unseren Schulterschluss statt dem Nachgeben gegenüber Sozialabbau, Abbau von Grundrechten und wirtschaftlicher Verelendung. Solidarisch mit allen Betroffenen der Corona-Krise, mit den in Lagern an den EU-Außengrenzen festgehaltenen und von Abschiebung bedrohten Geflüchteten, mit den von Gewalt bedrohten Frauen, den politischen Gefangenen weltweit. Gegen Ausgrenzung und Ausbeutung, in Tirol, in Österreich, international.
  • 01.05.2020 10:12Menschenkette in Linz
    Good News aus Linz: Menschenkette wurde nicht untersagt!
    Die Solidarwerkstatt lädt am Freitag, 1. Mai 2020 zu einer Menschenkette am Linzer Hauptplatz ein - unter Einhaltung der vorgeschriebenen Sicherheitsbestimmungen (vor dem Alten Rathaus, 11 Uhr).
    Unsere Forderungen:
    > Arbeitslosengeld rauf auf 80%!
    > Nie wieder Kürzen bei Gesundheit und Pflege!   
    Wir müssen nun alles tun, um zu verhindern, dass aus der Corona-Krise eine Existenzkrise für viele Menschen wird. Eine wichtige Forderung dafür ist die Anhebung des Arbeitslosengeldes auf 80% und der Notstandshilfe auf 75% der Nettoersatzrate.
    Denn wir wollen beides: Schutz unserer Gesundheit und unserer Grund- und Freiheitsrechte! Mundschutz ja – Maulkorb nein!
  • 01.05.2020 10:09Nurses blocked Westminster Bridge
    Three days ago at International Worker's Memorial Day nurses blocked the Westminster Bridge in London to protest against the danger they are put in during the Covid-19 Crisis: video
  • 01.05.2020 10:09Posterdemo FFF Graz
    Fridays for Future Graz start a Poster-Demo at 11 am at Hauptplatz #Graz #MAYDAY
  • 01.05.2020 10:03Just Recovery this #MAYDAY makes a call to join people everywhere making lots of noise to show solidarity with frontline workers and to denounce governments’ inaction on COVID-19. On 1 May 2020, make some noise for a Just Recovery for workers everywhere.  #MAYDAY
  • 01.05.2020 09:57Mobi Video #MAYDAY #Graz
    There is a nice Video for Graz Demo, thanks to SCNCC - join in 2pm Hauptplatz! #MAYDAY
  • 01.05.2020 09:53Socialization instead of Clapping (Kassel, Germany)
    In Kassel the Action Week "Vergesellschaftung statt Klatschen" (Socialization instead of clapping) is starting today. Check their call here.
    Aus dem Aufruf: 
    Als gemeinsames Bündnis starten wir als ver.di Jugend Halle, Sintoma, Ende Gelände Halle und Interventionistische Linke (IL) Halle am 01. Mai (Tag der Arbeit) die Kampagne „Vergesellschaften statt Klatschen“. Bis zum 12. Mai (Tag der Pflege) wollen wir die Zeit nutzen, mit unterschiedlichen Aktionen, das Stadtbild zu verändern. Wir freuen uns, wenn auch ihr euch uns anschließt und eure Forderungen in der Stadt sichtbar macht.
    Informiert euch über unsere Social Media Kanäle über anstehende Aktionen und beteiligt euch Image
  • 01.05.2020 09:44Tag der Arbeitslosen
    Bereits gestern beging die AMSEL in Graz  den Tag der Arbeitslosen mit einer Radiosendung bei Radio Helsinki
    Alle Jahre wieder, wird am 30. April der internationale Tag der Arbeitslosen gegangen. Heuer ist dieser Tag durch die Corona-Krise sehr speziell: Zum Einen, weil aufgrund der Corona-Krise die Arbeitslosigkeit schlagartig auf fast 600 000 Menschen massiv angestiegen ist. Knapp 900 000 sind derzeit in Kurzarbeit - ein Ende ist noch nicht vorhersehbar. Zum Anderen weil durch die Corona-Maßnahmen die österreichischen Arbeitsloseninitiativen heuer nicht mit öffentlichen Aktionen auf das Thema "Arbeitslosigkeit" und das Schicksal der Betroffenen aufmerksam machen können. Auch die AMSEL musste ihren Infotisch mit der Suppenküche vor dem AMS-West daher absagen. Stattdessen hat die AMSEL 2 Presseaussendungen mit Forderungen wie zum Beispiel den Sanktionen-Stopp und die Anhebung des Arbeitslosengeldes an die Politik, an das AMS und an die Medien geschickt
  • 01.05.2020 09:39Call for rent-strike in the USA
    In the USA the Action Network is calling for a country-wide rent strike
    If you can't pay the rent on May 1st you are not alone. We’re stronger together and now is the time for tenants to act collectively. Millions not paying rent doesn’t build power by itself; we only build power by making our individual actions public and collective! By joining this movement, we are making a coordinated demand for relief.
    The COVID-19 crisis is making clear what many tenants have known for a long time: we are all just one life event – the loss of a job, a medical emergency – away from losing our homes. Today, millions of New Yorkers are out of work. That means millions of us will be unable to pay the rent on May 1st. So if we can’t pay, let’s not pay, together! On May 1, unless our demands are met, many of us can't pay. 
    So if we can’t pay, let’s not pay, together! The crisis has caused a reduction in income for many of us, and the government response has been to shore up banks, large investors, and landlords
    #rentstrike #mayday
  • 01.05.2020 09:38How does covid19 affect homeless migrants – thessaloniki (gr)b
    via (link to twitter) Police in #Thessaloniki #Greece have issued < 123 fines to homeless migrants for violating a #coronavirus lockdown. There is no shelter for homeless migrants in the city. Four incidents involved police misconduct, including violence. says: for this and many more reasons we are out on #mayday to voice out #precarity and act for a good life for all!
  • 01.05.2020 09:36Grundrechte nicht nur für Schönwetter!
    There are a lot of events upcoming, supported by a big platform, look there to check out! #MAYDAY
  • 01.05.2020 09:15Happy #MAYDAY
    Good morning and happy #MAYDAY! The Coview ticker tells you what's going on out there. Please share and write us what's happening at your place!
  • 01.05.2020 03:44#MAYDAY united we talk online now
    the tv-show talk "united we talk #MAYDAY" where we did co-organize the program for is online now;
    the first part about the cities is in english, in the end, there is also some info about the live-ticker and the radio action (in german) - and a ton of good and relevant program about #work #precarity #solidarity and the current situation with #covid_19

    Link to youtube here:
  • 01.05.2020 03:34Soap for IOM
    a 48h campaing for "soaps for IOM" is about to finish - but we are sure you can still send another soap to them!
    Transbalkan Solidarity invites you to participate in a 48-hour soap-bombing protest campaign directed at the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which manages camps for the confinement of people on the move in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Why do we need to take action?
    Conditions in the camps run by IOM in BiH during the COVID-19 pandemic resemble those in concentration camps:
    violence against people in the camps is on the rise,
    food is constantly insufficient and not nutritious enough while even more reduced and worse in quality,
    hygienic conditions are concerning,
    healthcare remains at a bare minimum,
    people are denied the freedom to move and leave the camps for an indefinite period.

    Transbalkan Solidarity contends that:
    Soap is not a luxury!
    Trash is not food!
    A camp is not a living space!
    A tent is not a house!
  • 01.05.2020 03:30Paris (fr) what will happen?
    article about the last years in Paris on 1st of may and the question of what will happen this year?
    1st May: for processions without processions
    Why do we still have to demonstrate on May 1st? After a rapid historical review of the evolution of demonstrations since 2016, we realize that social distancing may very well lead to the dissolution of purely trade-union marches and the development of wild marches.
    translation into german:
  • 01.05.2020 03:11Out on May 1 – Mail protest against camp and imprisonment! (at)
    Out on 1 May - The world after Corona is now being fought for!
    The Initiative against deportation Centres calls for an MAILPROTEST AGAINST CAMP AND PRISON!
    Even if the first loosening of the legal measures beckons from 1 May, it is important to build up pressure right now: For many people in Austria, "normality" still means racism, isolation, accommodation in mass housing, detention pending deportation, poor health care...
    SEND TODAY the mail template attached below to the mail addresses also listed below!
    link (to fb):
  • 01.05.2020 03:03Bremen (de) 1st MAY

    Manifestation allowed only for 50 people from Internationalist and Revolutionary 1 May 2020 in Bremen there a several calls for the demonstration - one focusion on the topic of healthcare:
    ... We, therefore, demand the immediate communalisation of all private hospitals and appropriate payment of the care workers! ... Like in many other places there are heavy restrictions - bremen public order office again against freedom of the public political gatherings
  • 30.04.2020 23:41and what is happening in Hamburg (de) ?
    Some fascist did try to register a demonstration for 1st of May - it's unclear how and if they will march
    several manifestations against that have been registered - and it seems like all of them are forbidden by police - so it seems like its gonna become a quite decentral action day for Hamburg; here are some twitter accounts to follow 1st of may in HH
    #hh0105 #1M_Nazifrei
  • 30.04.2020 22:43Support Strikes!
    Support the #MayDay strike tomorrow by boycotting the companies listed below. Don’t cross the picket line - essential workers demand better conditions. (link to twitter) #generalstrike2020 #essentialworkersday
  • 30.04.2020 21:05news from ibk – walpurgisnacht
    Some people where out on the streets to make the Walpurgisnacht show hearable in the streets! #walpurgisnacht #walpurgisnachtdemo #hörspiel (link to fb) #feminismus #31april #tagderarbeitslosen #Innsbruck #nachtderhexen #1mai #mayday #leavenoonebehind #openborders
  • 30.04.2020 20:57Dortmund: #Grenzenlos Solidarisch
    The rally "#Grenzenlos Solidarisch zum 1. Mai" in Dortmund can take place in principle. However, there is a dispute between the organizers and the public order office about the details, which demands a list of the participants.
    coview.cats says: no lists for the police - we know how much lists of people who are politely active can be misused!
    we wish all the best to Dortmund and hope the manifestation can take place without disproportionate irregular demands from the police
  • 30.04.2020 20:45an in LINZ (at) ?
    In Linz people call out for a decentral demonstration via Radio - we support and <3 all decentral demonstration and actions for 1st of may - carry the demo in your quater - let your neighborhood listen to #MAYDAY
    Bleibt's z'haus zum 1. Mai? In Anbetracht dieser Lage bleiben wir nicht einfach zuhause, sondern finden kreative Wege, unseren Protest sicher und doch hörbar zu machen. Wir rufen daher dazu auf, mit uns am 1. Mai zu protestieren!
    Und so geht's: Schaltet am 1. Mai von 11:00 bis 13:00 auf Radio FRO auf 105,0MHz oder geht auf, macht die Fenster auf und stellt die Boxen auf die Fensterbank oder schnappt eure geliebte Akkubox und geht damit auf die Straße oder in den Park. Wir schicken euch ein Demoprogramm mit Musik und Redebeiträgen on Air. Haltet Abstand und bleibt gesund, aber lasst euch vom Mundschutz nicht die Stimme abschneiden.
    Heraus zum 1. Mai!
    Eine Linzer* Initiative zum internationalen Tag der Arbeit
    #LeaveNoOneBehind #mayday #coview #precarity #maydaylinz
    Außerdem am 1. Mai:
    16.00 - 19.00 Coview radio programme and call for action, mehr dazu auf
  • 30.04.2020 20:41Fundamental rights not only for nice weather! Out on May 1st!
    A committee of people called out to support 1st of may demonstrations in Austria:
    ... It must be clear that the costs of this crisis cannot be paid for by the workers*, the small self-employed and one-person businesses, but that the large fortunes must be touched, i.e. the rich must pay the costs of the crisis with wealth and inheritance taxes. At the same time, however, it must be made clear that there must be no restrictions whatsoever on basic democratic rights and the constitutional state.
    We are therefore calling for people to take part in rallies and demonstrations on the first of May, observing the necessary safety distances, thus making it clear not only that we are prepared to take to the streets for our social rights, but also to defend our fundamental rights and the democratic constitutional state. In this extraordinary situation, in which most political parties have canceled their May Day demonstrations, we have therefore decided, as a committee of persons, to call on people to take part in the rallies and demonstrations.
    full text can be read here (in german) (link to fb):
  • 30.04.2020 20:27TermiTinitus 1st may digital
    TermiTinitus are doing a 24h live stream revolutionary digital 1st may stream (in german) can be found here:
  • 30.04.2020 20:13and here the CALL for INNSBRUCK (at)
    Innsbruck: Plattform 1. Mai, 11.00 Landeshausplatz Innsbruck. Infos:
    (link via fb)
  • 30.04.2020 20:09whats going on in GRAZ (at)
    Graz Demo #SolidaritätStattNeuerNormalität
    14.00 Hauptplatz. Infos (link to fb)
  • 30.04.2020 20:02Berlin/ Gruenewald
    the quatersmanagement of gruenewald calls again out that rich people should no isolate themselfs from society - they are to fare of from reality - MYGRUENI supports them to get back to reality
    stream on youtube tomorrow:
    here more on their activities on may 1st:
  • 30.04.2020 19:23call for feminist actions
    "Radikale Linke" and "Aufstand der Alleinerziehenden" is calling for feminist actions against the patriarchal exploitation of care work.
    Source: (link to fb) #feministischer1Mai #AufstandderAlleinerziehenden #feministastransfronterizas
  • 30.04.2020 18:54Walpurgisnacht
    traditionally on 30.04. there are also the so-called "walpurgisnacht" demos in some citys today at 7pm there is a radio version in the independent radio in innsbruck

    here you can also listen to it:
  • 30.04.2020 18:43Some infos what will happen in vienna on may 1st

    May 1, 2020 MAYDAY demo
    In solidarity – come out on 1st of May! Meeting place 12h PRATERSTERN (Vienna) - route to Rathausplatz via Ring - there the demo ends around 15h30
    Despite the restrictions and limitations that exist in many places in the world, we will move into public space. The safety of everyone involved is very important to us. Take care of yourself and your surroundings! It is not a matter of ignoring the dangers of the virus, but of pointing out those dangers to which people have always been exposed, and increasingly so since the outbreak of the virus.
    more info on this and various calls via:

    Under the title "Demonstration: In Gedenken an Marcus Omofuma - Es war Mord!" the student union of the university vienna has a demonstraion going to remember the murder of marcus omofuma who was killed 1999 by austrian police. meeting point university vienna 14h
    (link to fb)

    RADS call out for a bike action on 1st MAY


    On the 1st of May 3pm we take over the ring, as part of a bigger bike action alliance SOLIDARITY FOR ALL, to express our anger about the serious deficits of society which acuminate during the corona crisis.

    Alliance ‘Solidarity for All’:


    10:00 Rathaus: (link to fb) Auch in der Corona Krise sozial aber nicht blöd-Aktion am 1. Mai 11:00 Oper: (link to fb)  Frauenstreik heißt Klassenkampf (attention the organizers of the demo are known for non trans-inclusive demo and space-policy)
    13:30 Rathaus Platz: 1. Mai - left wing political party LINKS 1. Mai - Für Solidarität - Gegen Ausgrenzung und Ausbeutung
    16.00 Ballhausplatz: (link to fb) 2-Meter-Abstand Demo für Kunst & Kultur

    #LeaveNoOneBehind #mayday #coview #grenzentöten #precarity
  • 30.04.2020 16:01about
    Hello dear people - we will report here about 1st of may - from around 9pm CEST on till night we will report from actions and demonstrations an all-around may 1st 

     #LeaveNoOneBehind #mayday #coview #precarity