Wien: Doppelbestrafung Meldegesetz und Covid19-Maßnahmen / Double punishment – Registration law and Covid19 measures

(deutschsprachige Version weiter unten) Repeatedly, people are harassed for Covid19 measures and additionally punished for alleged non-compliance with the registration law. The following report about police harassment also provides information about the registration law – know and use your rights!

Strafe wegen Covid-19-Gesetzen? Know and use your rights!

Du hast eine Strafe wegen Verstoß gegen Covid-19 Maßnahmengesetz erhalten? Nicht zahlen, Einspruch einlegen. Eine Anleitung für den Umgang mit Strafen in Österreich findest du hier. Wir arbeiten gerade an einer Sammlung von Einspruchsmöglichkeiten in anderen Ländern, sowie eine Übersetzung ins Englische. Nachdem das Thema aber drängt wollten wir nicht damit warten bis alles fertig […]

Corona-Gesetze: Angriffe auf antirassistische Initiativen und tödliche Polizeigewalt / Corona Laws: Attacks and repression against anti-racist initiatives and tödliche Polizeigewalt

(deutschsprachige Version weiter unten) #coview #watchgroup #covid19 Self-organised initiatives of refugees and anti-racist projects that intervene in border regimes are subject to repression and punishment. Corona laws serve as tools for the criminalisation of Lampedusa Hamburg, Seebrücke Vienna and Oldenburg, or an anti-racist network of mutual aid in Barcelona. Meanwhile, a 19-year-old died in Anderlecht […]

Hamburg: Polizeigewalt gegen Aktivist*innen auf der #LeaveNooneBehind Fahrradsponti / Police Violence at #LeaveNooneBehind Bike Protest

(deutschsprachige Version weiter unten) Police violence against participants of the #LeaveNoONeBehind bike protest yesterday at St Pauli, Hamburg: An activist was able to prevent a collision almost provoked by a cop car. A second participant was injured by a cop car hitting them. A third activist who insisted on calling the ambulance was endangered by […]

Berichte aus Graz: Wohnungseinbrüche durch Cops und Fremdenpolizei / Reports from Graz: Cops and Alien Police Intruding Apartments

(deutschsprachige Version weiter unten) The coview watchgroup has received the following three eyewitness reports from Graz: The first report is about a police control during a walk, in which the cops don’t keep their distance and thus expose the persons controlled to a risk of infection. The other two reports from end of March deal […]

Law & Order macht den öffentlichen Raum zur Gefahr / Law & Order turns public space into a danger

(deutsche Version weiter unten) Covid laws have equipped the police in many countries much more power. Coview’s reports show where and how this is being used. Starting with a report on Austria the situation in other countries such as Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland shows a similar picture. Where the cops get to excert power […]