Wien: Doppelbestrafung Meldegesetz und Covid19-Maßnahmen / Double punishment – Registration law and Covid19 measures

(deutschsprachige Version weiter unten) Repeatedly, people are harassed for Covid19 measures and additionally punished for alleged non-compliance with the registration law. The following report about police harassment also provides information about the registration law – know and use your rights!

Corona-Gesetze: Angriffe auf antirassistische Initiativen und tödliche Polizeigewalt / Corona Laws: Attacks and repression against anti-racist initiatives and tödliche Polizeigewalt

(deutschsprachige Version weiter unten) #coview #watchgroup #covid19 Self-organised initiatives of refugees and anti-racist projects that intervene in border regimes are subject to repression and punishment. Corona laws serve as tools for the criminalisation of Lampedusa Hamburg, Seebrücke Vienna and Oldenburg, or an anti-racist network of mutual aid in Barcelona. Meanwhile, a 19-year-old died in Anderlecht […]